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Our School


Established in 1976, Liberty Elementary proudly offers a Dual Language program to students in kindergarten through fourth grades, enabling students to receive instruction in both English and Spanish every other week. 

The Dual Language immersion program provides unique and powerful opportunities to strengthen students’ academic performance as they enhance their literacy development in two languages. 

Starting the first day of kindergarten, students are considered developing bilinguals!  Kindergarten and first grade instructional time is 75 to 80 percent in Spanish, while second through grade instructional time is 50 percent in English and 50 percent in Spanish. 

Research shows it only takes between five and seven years to fully develop a second language! The goal of Liberty's Dual Language program is to equip students so they are successful on the College Board AP Spanish Exam by the end of eighth grade. 

Students attend PE, music, STEAM and computer class daily.